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Sobrevivente(s) Online Because Zombies Arent Going To Kill Themselves.

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Trilha Sonora The Walking Dead.

Aqui vão as musicas da primeira temporada e o link para download delas.

Fã Trailer

Fresh Blood - Eels [Download]

The Walking Dead Intro[Download]

1x01 - Days Gone Bye
Wang Chung - Space Junk [Download]

1x02 - Guts
Black Strobe - I’m A Man [Download]

1x03 - Tell It To The Frogs
Rick and Glenn On The Run (Instrumental) [Download]
Rick and Glenn Rescued (Instrumental) [Download]
Merle Rants (Instrumental) [Download]
Severed Zombie Head (Instrumental) [Download]
Searching For Merle (Instrumental) [Download]
The Hand (Instrumental) [Download]

1x04 - Vatos
Quarry Fishing (Instrumental) [Download]
Attack of the Vatos Ostinato (Instrumental) [Download]
Violin Textures (Instrumental) [Download]
Lord of the Vatos (Instrumental) [Download]
Campsite Massacre (Instrumental) [Download]
Bloody Amy (Instrumental) [Download]

1x05 Wildfire

Surface Of The Sun - John Murphy [Download]

1x06 TS-19

Tomorrow Is A Long Time - Bob Dylan [Download]